Anatomy for Kids – Starting a Conversation and Teaching Your Kids About Their Bodies

Boy Book 2 (for boys 8-10) will be out by the end of April

Anatomy for Kids

At what age is it appropriate to have the  “talk” otherwise sometimes known as the “birds and the bees” discussion with your child? Three, five, eight….twelve years of age?

How do you even approach this topic with your child without making it feel uncomfortable and awkward for him/her or even for yourself?

For me, personally, I believe that it should begin at a young age when we discuss with our children about their “private parts” that it should be referred to as what it is…a penis, vulva or a vagina so that it doesn’t feel uncomfortable for them to say the words as they get older. I mean you wouldn’t call your knee, face, elbow or legs anything else, but when it comes to our reproductive parts, there’s a whole list of slangs for them!

I can remember the day my 3 yr old son came into my office (because I’m a sexual health educator) grabbed a dildo and started waving it in the air yelling “Penis! Penis!” I laughed so hard because most kids his age would have used another word/nickname for their private parts, but not mine. I always felt that it was important to teach my daughter and son early on the appropriate and anatomically correct words for their reproductive parts.

Now that my children are 7 yrs and 8 yrs of age,  I am so excited to introduce them to Dr. M’s Anatomy for Kids book series that teaches kids 5 yrs and up about their reproductive health. Dr. M is a reproductive anatomist who taught at UCLA School of Medicine for over 20 years. She believes that “teaching medical students has been a great joy in my life, but it has always seemed to me that this education should begin with childhood. Anatomy for Kids makes it possible for me to join with parents in teaching their kids about their bodies so they can make positive health choices as they mature.” 

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Celebrating Friday 13th and the Goddess of Love

Today is Friday 13th, a day to celebrate the Goddess of Love, Sex and Fertility. For many people, this could be either the luckiest or unluckiest day. So far we have had three Friday 13ths in 2012 – January, April and July.  So what”s the BIG deal? Well, if you believe in the urban legends of Friday 13th as being the unluckiest day you”d probably would not walk under a ladder, go get a hair cut, or change your bedsheets for fear of of something bad will happen.  You many not even leave the house!  According to the Stress Management Center and Phobia Institute, there is an estimated 17 to 21 million people who have some phobia or  fear of Friday the 13th in the United States and it”s scientifically known as Paraskevidekatriaphobia .

I am not superstitious but I am curious about the origins of Friday 13th and it”s connection to sex and love and I bet you are too.

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Worldess Wednesday – Surprise Sex

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"TRANS" the Movie – An Eye opening Transgender Education

Last night I had an opportunity to screen “TRANS” the Movie, a  documentary feature film following the lives of five transgender people over the past two years.

Trans (Trailer)
from The Film Collaborative on Vimeo.

It chronicles the struggles, hardships and affliction of these characters and gives us a glimpse of the transgender world through memorable stories.  As you sit Danannand watch the tales unfold, you are drawn into their personal journey of realization, understanding and acceptance of being “TRANS”.
The stories are heartbreaking. I cried. A. LOT. But I feel that I am more educated too.

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A Woman with Two Vaginas Loses Virginity Twice!

Like a virgin, touched for the very first time, well almost. Losing your virginity is a BIG deal. Losing it twice, BIGGER deal! How is that possible? It is ONLY possible if you have TWO vaginas. Yes you heard me…TWO VAGINAS!

Hazel Jones Woman with 2 Vaginas

Woman with Two Vaginas (Credit: ITV)

A 27 year-old woman named Hazel Jones, from the United Kingdom, made worldwide news this past week when she revealed about her uncommon medical condition in which she has two vaginas, two uteruses and two cervixes. Uterus didelphys or “double uterus” is rare and often times goes undiagnosed.

According to, in a female fetus when the uterus develops it starts out as two small tubes, which eventually join to create the uterus.  Sometimes, however, the tubes may not join completely and instead each tube will develop into a separate structure causing a “double uterus”. In some cases, the uterus share a set of fallopian tubes, ovaries, cervix and vagina; while at other times, you can have a two sets of the female reproductive organs.

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