It's Vaginalicious! Ways to make your V tastier!

Ladies have you ever had a time when your partner is about to go down there like they are gonna go bopping for apples, but surprisingly rushing back up to your breast instead with a look like they just had rotten fish? Or have you been told that  your va-jay-jay smells? Or that it doesn”t taste good?  Is it really an excuse for your partner not to go down under? Or is there some truth to it?

Your vaginal fluids can taste differently everyday depending on your hormonal cycle, what you”re eating, contraception method, medical conditions, or whether or not you exercise before engaging in sexual activity. Not surprisingly, your taste may change daily from sweet, bitter, tangy to salty. According to author and well-known cultural sexologist Dr. Carol Queen, this is due to a woman”s unique hormone balance and body chemistry. So if you know that you are gonna want someone to perform cunnilingus on you tonight, here are some suggestions:

1. Clean under the Hood
This should be a given. Make sure you clean your clitoral hood and your entire pussy with warm water so that there is a clean base to start with. I should note that when I say clean, I do not mean douching. You should not douche before oral sex because there could be chemical residues left behind that can cause a chemical imbalance with your body causing you to taste or smell worse.

2. Trim Your Hairs
I like hair, but flossing my teeth with it? No thanks!!!! So keep your va-jay-jay presentable by trimming it or waxing it so that it makes it more inviting.

3. Stay away from Hot Spicy Foods, Onions & Garlic
Eating a lot of hot spicy food, onions and garlic during the day or even the day before can cause strong-tasting vaginal fluids because of the sulfur content, so you may want to stay clear of these foods.

4. Eat more Citrus Fruits especially Pineapples
Fruits such as watermelon, pears, cantaloupe, apples, strawberries and pineapples to name a few can help sweeten your online casino love juice .  It”s like splenda for your va-jay-jay! No time for fruits, let”s cut to the chase and down a glass or two of pineapple juice! This works the best!

5. Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs
Limit the amount of alcohol, tobacco and drugs. It just makes you taste bitter or acidic. Who wants that?

6. Eat Your Veggies
Eating a healthy diet with vegetables can actually help makes you taste better too. Vegetable such as parsley is rumored to make you taste sweet. Stay away from broccoli, cabbage, asparagus, and cauliflower because they are gas producing vegetables and you probably wouldn”t want to spray your partner. 

7. Spermicides are not for Oral Sex
STOP! Put down that spermicide! If you ever want to be eaten out again, then don”t use spermicide!! Otherwise, your partner”s mouth may never visit your va-jay-jay again!! So many people may use spermicide with their contraceptive method, but so few realize that this should not be used for oral sex. It just doesn”t taste good! It will leave a bad taste in your partner”s mouth!

8. Drink lots of Water
You heard that 8 glasses of water a day is good for you! Drinking plenty of fluids will help flush any toxins from the body and water down the acidity of vaginal fluids. It also helps in producing vaginal secretions that are thinner and milder in taste, so drink up and stay hydrated!

9. Flavored Oral Gels/Lubes Tastes Great
So even if your love juice is sweet and tastes good, why not add some flavor to the buffet? There are many great flavored oral gels/lubes to make your oral sex tantalizing!

Although these suggestions are geared to the ladies, it can also be geared to men too! So guys, if you”re reading this post, do us a favor and try some or all of these suggestions too! It will help you taste better for your partner whether he/she swallows or not!!! And ladies, sorry, semen will always be a little salty. Remember, you are what you eat.

BTW, for the Cunnilingus Connoisseur, if you are gonna go down on someone, make sure that you want to do your part as well by rinsing your mouth with mouthwash to eliminate bacteria before you start the buffet.  Don”t brush your teeth or floss before because you can create tiny cuts which will make you susceptible to pass or get an STI if you”re not using a safer sex barrier.

If all else fails, you may try to “vajazzled” your pussy with rhinestones and bling enough to distract your partner from thinking about smells or taste. (totally kidding!!!!!)